Duo Lorenz/Kassebeer


Victor is a Danish baritone with previous studies at the Royal Academy of Music.

In his duo with Stella Lorenz he has recently been selected for the young artist programme of the Leeds Lieder Festival, and has won the ‘Historical Women Composers Prize’ at the Royal Academy of Music.

While the german lied has been his most prevalent focus, contemporary music is a great interest of his, and a field of music he feels great responsibility in perpetuating.

Furthermore, spreading awareness of non-male, marginalized and otherwise forgotten composers is of great importance to him.


Stella Marie Lorenz is a German pianist currently studying on the advanced diploma at the Royal Academy of Music. She was awarded a Master of Vocal Accompaniment with distinction at the MDW in Vienna.

Stella is passionate to juxtapose the known and unknown in classical music, encouraging listeners to engage and discover. She has played serveral world premieres, and compositions of female composers represent a growing part of her repertoire, having recorded songs for Swap-ra’s Forgotten Voices this year and having won the Historical Women Composers Prize with her duopartner Victor Kassebeer.